Culture & Sports Centre

On the Edge of Nørrebro Park, Copenhagen, 2012

The house and recreational park is a result and solution of a clash between the high traffic road, Jagtvej, and the calm and quiet Nørrebro Park. In this weird crossroad slow moving pedestrians and fast moving cars meet in a chaotic space.

The park is a part of the long green flow going from the south to the north of Copenhagen, but in reality it is not as romantic as the thought.

My Master Thesis derives from this issue and originally sought the traditional architecture in the shape of a house placed on top of the park, but after a long analytic and experimental process, I realized that the green park flow through Copenhagen was found in a combination of a landscape architecture and building architecture, which follows the rules of the landscape and park.

The architectural initiative in the park takes part of the inhabitants’ lives and adds quality to the area by increasing the public square metres, which meets the needs of both active and calm lifestyle.

The house is made by the rules of introvert/extrovert and their needs. The introvert activities lies in the rear end of the house, almost caving into the park. While the extrovert activities search the activity of the outside space and therefore lies in the front of the building, bringing the visual energy to the surroundings.